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Greetings TOS Trek fans and welcome to the 9 PDF project. The purpose of this project is to put into every TOS Trek fan's hands detailed build plans of the entire Desilu / Paramount Stage 9 as it stood in 1968...for free of charge. All detailed measurements are included. Extra effort was not spared to ensure screen accuracy for everything down to the stud. Intent on this project is to match measurement for measurement, angle for angle, curve for curve, joint for joint, intersection for intersection to be an exact match to what was seen in TOS Trek. Starting points are the surviving Stage 9 floor plans for Journey to Babel and the Mike McMaster plans and subjecting them to TOS Trek stills to rebuild and to map out the original sets making revisions or additions where needed. By using 3 different methods of extracting exact measurements from TOS stills allows for cross checking measurements before locking them in. A McMaster study model of the bridge will be used as a placeholder and a starting point for checking the plans. To revise where needed, and complete where information is missing. And anything correct will be validated and kept. Since this is a top to bottom scrutiny and a prospective complete overhaul in checking and verifying every measurement will yield a new set of plans accurate and more complete to what was seen in TOS Trek. The McMaster plans and study model are serving only as a starting point baseline to compare and measure against TOS stills. My special thanks to Matthew Bell in Wales for his work in measuring the original plans and thus sparing me the extra tedium of having to take additional time to do all that. As well I wish to acknowledge and thank him for his consent to allow this project to use the measurements he worked up from the original floor plans. I wanted to do something like this back in grade school in 1975 but with peer pressure from non Trek fans and the deterring costs of printing broke me of the notion then. With the rise and frequency of Trek fan films on the web I feel the time and climate is more favorable to receive such a product and that digital electronic publication totally sidesteps the hindering costs of having the materials physically printed and distributed.

One of the many obsticals to fans and fan films in building their own TOS sets has been ...
1. Motivation.
2. Cost.
3. Space.
4. Detail information on how to build these sets.

It is my hope that by making initial crude study models, and then detailed scale builder's proofs and detailed plans for these sets. And as a result that I'll be able to remove what I consider a major prohibitive obstacle hindering fans from building accurate sets let alone sets period. 9 PDF is intended to be a ongoing set of releases for each set all included in one complete PDF file to be free distributed to everyone. This project will be periodically updated publically for new releases on the individual sets. Release 1.0 will have the transporter room as the first finished set of plans. Photos of the builder's proofs will be included as a guide. For now the focus is on general build information such as precise measurements and dimensions. Cosmetic detailing will come later after all the sets have had final builder's proofs built and plans released pubically. I intend on the material to be needing the protection on the current copyright holder CBS, to ensure that the materials will not be stolen by some and renamed so they attempt to charge and make a personal profit. My attitude is that if anyone is going to profit it should be the current copyright holder. And if the current copyright holder is not making a profit off the 9 PDF materials then no one should. Not even me who worked up the materials.

When I made my public appeal back in October 2010 in the Starship Ajax video update for fan films to share their sets and to challenge fandom to set up regional stages in different parts of the country to make the sets closer and more accessible to fans wanting to shoot their own productions on them. But there is a problem that what productions are out there are limited in space and money to be limited by what sets they have. My hope is that 9 PDF can make it possible for others to have the ability to build sets the other fan productions do not have but would make them available to either current or new fan films. In short it is my intended goal that if fans use the materials in 9 PDF to build sets that they can network together with other productions and relieve the logjam of more sets being needed for current and future fan productions anywhere. This project is a outgrowth of being caught off guard and rushed in not having the time in 2011 when Working with Starship Ajax to do what I considered a properly thorough study of the surviving materials so as to to work up accurate build references from. The 9 PDF project is meant to give proper attention to addressing this.

The release date for 9 PDF Release 1.0 has yet to be announced but expect it to be sometime before the end of the year.

It's ok to release a bad fan film. What is not ok is fighting/hating on those you ask what they think, delete the discussion, etc. Expect the next guy to stomp on you doing the fans a favor. Releasing fan films is not a blank check to be an asshole.

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