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Re: So what would you want to see in a TNG-R?

Salinga said:
1. Replace all computer rendered LCARS screens, that look very pixely, with new antialiased graphics. The screen resolution of LCARS looks very dated - they often remind me of screens rendered by old 386 computers.

2. In the conference room you would sometimes see the narcelles of the 1701-D instead of the open space. So some shots should include the narcelles now.

3. Use high definition animated computer graphics for planet surfaces instead of the bad soundstage buildings. You immediatly know that they aren't "on location" but on a built set.

4. Make the ship more crowded by adding filmed persons against green screen into corridors or 10-forward.

5. Fit the color of the footage (red-ish) of seasons 1 and 2 to the later seasons.
1. I always enjoyed it when the LCARS graphics were actually animated, I don't really think they are a glaring problem and probably wouldn't need to be upgraded for HD.

2. I don't think that's accurate...the nacelles are further apart than the 1701, and probably wouldn't be seen facing directly aft.

3. If they could re-do the planet hell sets that would be nice, but I doubt they would take the time to create whole new CGI sets. At best you might see some new skies.

4. Crowded? Why? The ship always seemed TOO crowded in the movies and TOS. 1,012 people over all that volume? You'd probably never see anyone in a hallway.

5. I loved the look of the first two seasons but "coloring" the show would have too many repercussions with the way the show was lit.

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