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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I picked up a few things at a used-book sale to benefit the library, including an Alfred Bester anthology called The Dark Side of the Earth, which has a freaky (and slightly NSFW) cover image:

It's mostly rather short stories tending toward humor and wordplay -- as the title suggests, SF/fantasy set on Earth and usually the present or near future. They're fun, with some imaginative ideas, but with very 1950s gender values.

I also got a copy of Bester's The Demolished Man that must've been released around the same time, since it has the same cover artist and title font. I knew that I already had a copy of either TDM or The Stars My Destination, and they had both for sale, but I wasn't entirely sure which one I already had. Fortunately I correctly remembered that it was TSMD.
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