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Re: Had the Maquis Narrative Continued?

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If the Maquis hadn't been annihilated in the war I somehow doubt the Feds, Klingons and Romulans would have given back the territory they won from the Cardassians, nor would the Cardassians have been strong enough to hold any planet except their own. The Maquis colonies would again be firmly in Federation territory and the conversation would have been something like:

Maquis: "We want independence."
Federation: "No."
Maquis: "Ok. So we're just going to be hanging out in our new independent nation. Not like you tax us or anything. And you're certainly not going to kill us for not going along with you. So you just go on thinking we're with you ok thx."

And even if the Federation did cede that territory back to the Cardassians in a sheer gesture of goodwill, the conversation would be like:

Maquis: "We want independence."
Cardassia: "No way, there is now way we could..."
Klingons and Romulans: (Hanging out at Cardassian border)
Cardassia: "New orders! We're withdrawing from all Maquis territories in a strategic move to, umm, shorten our supply lines!"
Maquis: "Sounds good to me."
Cardassia: "Federation, buddy! We're friends now, right? A nice big show of force near our borders would be super."
Exactly, it's win-win. The Feds let their colony worlds do whatever they wanted anyways (just look at Turkana IV) so why would the Maquis be foolish enough to antagonize them? The Feds just leave them be, and the Maquis still get to do what they want.
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