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"That Wacky Redhead", an Alternate Timeline

Hopefully this is alright to post. I do think it would be of interest.

A brief summary: In actual history, Lucille Ball sold Desilu to Gulf+Western and returned to acting. One of the better known series under Desilu was Star Trek, which was cancelled.
The change is that in this reality Lucille Ball forgoes a return to acting and remains behind the scenes, and thus does not sell Desilu. Lucille Ball went to bat for shows that may not have otherwise had a chance, meaning that in the alternate reality, Star Trek does not get cancelled after Season 3.

Lucille Ball, beloved comedienne, star of the classic 1950s sitcom I Love Lucy, and entrepreneur as the head of her television studio, Desilu, is visited in a dream by her late friend Carole Lombard. Once before, her friend had convinced her to “give [television] a whirl” and star in what would become I Love Lucy; her second visit, in late 1966, marks the POD. She is on the verge of selling Desilu to media conglomerate Gulf+Western, but Lombard warns her away from it, assuring her that her destiny is to remain a studio chief.
The rest of the timeline chronicles what changes have been wrought, and all on account of That Wacky Redhead!
It's really interesting, and I won't spoil it.
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