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Re: The War Doctor Returns in a New Novel

Ooh, interesting. So the Doctor is leading a "flotilla of battle TARDISes"? So, does this mean he has some sort of official standing with Gallifrey's military? This description practically makes him an admiral, or at least a commodore.

I guess there's nothing really wrong with this, it's just in my own personal head canon I saw the War Doctor as a sort of mercenary fighting the Daleks and defending Gallifrey on his own and staying outside of the Gallifreyan military establishment.

And Cinder the Dalek hunter? Was Absalom Dak unavailable? Joking aside, I understand the necessity to create a new character to keep things accessible for readers who aren't familiar with Absalom Dak, not to mention the issue with royalties to Dak's creator. Presumably Cinder is a woman, as I imagine the book is going to have a prominent female protagonist.
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