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Re: Timelines of the Doctor: The Daleks

In the 80s there was a book called "The Ultimate Doctor Who and the Daleks Book", which took a stab at putting a chronological history to the Daleks. In general it mucks around quite a bit, but then around "Destiny of the Daleks" it settles into keeping roughly parallel to the Doctor's own timeline. This I keep in line with my personal notion that once a race develops time travel to a certain degree, they tend to come into a parallel continuum with others of that level (i.e. the time lords) and events between the two happen in the same-ish timeline from that point forward. This results in the Daleks and Gallifrey being put inevitably on course towards the Last Great Time War.

Anyway, the book posits that the "end" of the Daleks was still their end on Skaro in "Evil of the Daleks", as perpetuated by the Second Doctor, which in turn took place after Tom Baker's "Destiny", Davison's "Resurrection" and Colin Baker's "Revelation" chronologically. Fandom at the time posited that Davros took control after that for "Rememberance", and his fancy new race of Daleks, and things continued on through various novelized / Big Finish adventures for the Seventh and Eighth Doctor adventures.

Then Time War. Everything after that is roughly chronological with the Doctor's own timeline as they share the same continuum together and as such will meet each other roughly after the last time, no matter where in time and space they are, just like the Master and various other Time Lords always do.

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