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Re: Timelines of the Doctor: The Daleks

When Jack said that one day that the Daleks disappeared in the 51st century, I found this odd since the Doctor thought that the Daleks had already disappeared and were never coming back in 2005, even though they were supposed to invade the Earth in 2157...

At first I thought that the Daleks native to any particular timezone, cluncking around with ancient or bad tech, are practically a different species from the godlike time travelling Dalek who fought the Time War. So there are still Daleks out there evolving and growing up towards a point that they will enter the Time War and be finished by it... It's like would you Kill baby Hitler?

Which still didn't fit well until I saw a paradox machine. The Daleks in need of reinforcements, took manpower, Dalekpower from their own past and then folded up time so that all the Daleks fom the 51st century can fight and die in the time War while the Daleks of the 52nd century stay exactly where they have always been unperturbed that their personal timelines are being butchered as the Daleks in the time war are now drawing further newer reinforcements form the 49th and 48th centuries.
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