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Re: Exeter "The Tressaurian Intersection" Grading & Discussion Thread

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"The Price of Anything" is a step in the right direction, but the audio recording of the actors is still sometimes iffy and the plotting isn't very tight.

It's pretty much a fact that the biggest problems in most fanfilms can be traced directly to the script.

None of which is to say the TTI script contributed to the delays on its completion. The fact that the edits started deviating from the script created problems which accumulated and made it difficult to pull Act 4 together in a satisfying way. I understand why all these decisions were made, but making said decisions on an act by act basis instead of keeping an eye on how they would affect the entire show was shortsighted.
In a full-scale professional production who would be most responsible for keeping that from happening? In hindsight, could it have been prevented or was it just something that was unique to this production?
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