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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Doc Ock's a Gary Stu and a rather vile person when you actually stop to think about some of the stuff he is doing (and that says something since he basically murdered Peter Parker and stole his life to start this thing)...
Uhh, yeah, of course he is. He's a supervillain -- what did you expect? The whole point of this storyline (so I gather, not having read it yet) is to examine what happens when a villain takes over Spider-Man's life. Of course Doc Ock is going to be a worse hero than Peter Parker -- that's the whole point. So that can't be called a failure of storytelling.

And I don't understand how a character who's been a major, ongoing antagonist in the series since the third issue of the comic could be considered a "Gary Stu." Ock is one of Spidey's greatest archvillains, arguably second only to the Green Goblin. He's always been something of a mirror image to Peter Parker, a scientific genius granted powers by a freak accident, but driven by overweening arrogance and resentment rather than humility and responsibility. You could say that he's a reflection of what Peter might have become if Uncle Ben hadn't died, if he hadn't learned the lesson about great power. So having him take over Spider-Man's life for a time (and of course it was always going to be a temporary arc) seems like a natural idea. Who better?

Spidey's supporting cast are on stupid pills, and Earth's Mightiest Heroes are all rather impotent. Also the storyline is slow as Christmas with characters sitting on their asses when you would think they would be doing something for long stretches of time when they aren't running around in circles just to make this thing last 31 issues.
I can't speak to those, not having read it yet. But I still can't believe anything could match Maximum Carnage or One More Day for sheer unreadability.
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