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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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After pre-ordering in mid-February, I finally got the email yesterday indicating that they are now starting to ship to Canadian subscribers, so it looks like I'll have my first shipment within the next 21 days. W00t!
Well, that didn't take long... the first shipment arrived today! The Enterprise-D was waiting for me when I got home! (I had thought they mentioned *two* ships would arrive with each shipment, but maybe they're just sort of ramping up or something.)

I guess I don't really recall seeing anyone in this thread discussing the packaging, but I had sort of assumed they would have come in a shipping box. The bubble envelope doesn't really do much to protect them, and so the magazine arrives fairly beat-up looking. And the box that holds the model was sort of crushed in on one corner, but fortunately the models are packed well in the box, so the ship itself was no worse for wear.

And of course, the model itself was fantastic, but I was kinda expecting that with all the praise on here...

Any other Canadian subscribers on the board?
Sorry to hear about the packaging, but congrats to our Canadian brothers and sisters.

And yes that model is one of the very best. I mean besides the same size shuttle bays I really didn't have any issue with it, and the painted detail for a ship that size was just WOW.

Just remember the next is one of the weaker efforts, and then its back up in quality. In fact really personally just the 1701 refit, the Cardassian ship and Ferengi ship have been poor in my opinion. And still not terrible.
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