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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

Well my order of issues 11-16 came in Saturday (got it today), And boy it had some great ships and the worst one they have yet to make.

The Ferengi Marauder is easily the worst, both model and magazine.

The Magazine's completely omits all of the wonderful detail on their CGI Plan Views (the only Plan view worse is the Romulan War Bird, boy it looked like crap).

Then on the model to not paint anything, WTF (I did know this was going to happen, just venting). Seriously the worst overall paint job.

The only other problem ship was the Galor class Cardassian ship. Both the tail and the cobra head are very marginally off (I mean ever so slightly), enough to not request a new one, but enough to make you look twice at it.

But the Reliant is outstanding tied with NX-01 and 1701-D as the best models to date.

Tthen you have three ships that are not quite as great, but I love hem and so very happy to have the Nova class, the Dominion Cruiser, and the Akira class. Heck I might just order extras of those three just because I don't have any of them in any other form factor.
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