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Re: 24: Live Another Day. Discussion Thread. (Spoilers)

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Actually, it's an alternate universe. Elections take place 1998, 2002 (The Democratic Primary), etc.
I prefer to place them in actual election years.

The real question is -- how old is Jack? He's been a grandpa for like 6 or 7 old was he & Kim when they started?
We see someone sit down in this episode and look at a dossier on Jack which gives his birthdate as February 18, 1966 making Jack 52 if the series currently takes place in 2018.

Some 24 "EU" stuff is referenced in this dossier which in of themselves connect to other "EU" things which all supports S1 taking place in 2000.

In S1 Kim was still in high school, a senior, and, IIRC, serving out a suspension.

This would make her currently 36 and Jack 34 in S1. Which means Jack was 16 when he fathered Kim which may open up some problems considering Jack's back story but, again, isn't impossible.
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