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Re: 24: Live Another Day. Discussion Thread. (Spoilers)

A slow start but I like the idea of having 24 back.

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The sub-plot with what's her name really ruined the last season for me, especially since the focus was so much on her and that the creators of the show literally said they had no idea what to do with her, had no idea why audiences hated her so much and then it struck them to make her mole/double agent.

Even though a)having a character on a show you don't know what to do with is poor writing, b)audiences hated her because her and her personal drama was soaking up way too much time and her trouble with her boyfriend or whatever was just dumb, we tune in to see Jack Bauer, dammit!, c) WHAT?! you thought making her CTU's umpteenth mole was a good idea?!
I'm one of the few who actually liked the Katee Sackhoff subplot and couldn't see why others hated it so much. Nothing but frenetic non-stop Jack Bauer action is boring and for me that's what dragged a lot of the show down. It was nice to have a side story that you at least hoped would intersect with the main plot at some point.
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