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Re: David Rappaport in "The Most Toys"

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Rappaport footage confirmed:

This is yet another example of the love these guys have for the material. They want the fans to have the very best experience, and I applaud them.
Trekdom gets more love than actual aerospace history. A lot gets tossed.

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I have to admit I've never been too impressed with Rubinek's version of the character.
Funny, I thought he was perfect. To each his/her own...
Agreed. He had a certain wistfulness. Rappaport I think would have been better as another character--an associate?

I wonder if the role itself may have gotten to him. Some actors are not unlike Fajo after all--selfish, a bit greedy.

A role can spook an actor...get him depressed--get him to start questioning himself. The role itself could even have been destructive. Rappaport was nothing like Fajo however--that's Charlie Sheen, but on downers.
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