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Re: Exeter "The Tressaurian Intersection" Grading & Discussion Thread

^^^I'm pretty sure it's the same redshirt who captured the lizard.

This may come as a slight surprise, but a number of scenes in Act 4 were actually never scripted or shot, but constructed from trims of scenes shot for earlier acts. The lizard killing the redshirt in the corridor is one of those. Another example: the entire opening of Act 4 (called "spinout" in my edit timeline) was manufactured by me by chopping up a jib shot of B'fuselek looking past the camera, adding the "pain ripples", creating a POV shot of the screen, and shooting an insert of hands operating the panel. The script never called for the ship to stop after entering weirdspace—heck, it never called for the Exeter to enter weirdspace at all— but once Act 3's ending changed and deviated from the script in terms of the order of scenes and added the ship entering weirdspace, I had to think of some way to bring the action to a pause so that the shuttle sequence could play out. Just one example of how difficult this edit was.
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