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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

Before getting to The Sun Makers, I gave in and watched the last 7th Doctor story, Survival. It was ok. I didn't hate it, which makes it better than a lot of the 7th Doctor's stuff, but it wasn't great or anything. The Master was decent in it, although it isn't close to the best appearance I've seen. The cheetah people looked a bit goofy, and I don't think we ever learn why Ace and The Doctor don't become full cheetah people (does leaving the cheetah planet cure you? It didn't seem to help The Master or his pawn in the end).

Also, why was the cheetah planet blowing up when The Doctor/The Master were fighting? I must have missed the explanation, because I was really confused by that. Anyway, the serial had a few good things. Like I said, The Master was entertaining, and Ace was as good as she usually is. The Doctor didn't let his sociopath personality show very much, meaning that he was actually in one of his rare moods where I can tolerate him, and that was appreciated. The end speech was good, although it would have sounded better coming from any Doctor but the 7th. Overall, this wasn't a bad serial, but it was kind of a lame story for the show to go out on. Next up will be the 4th Doctor serial The Sun Makers.
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