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Re: A TOS resurgence?

^^ I think the distinction between then and now is the mindset and experience brought to the writing and overall creative process. I agree it's a scene you could have seen in TNG, but highly unlikely to occur in something like JJtrek. Medium is significant, too. As long as Trek is done as feature film you will not likely get thoughtful, smaller scale stories as you would on television. The expectations of those footing the bill and the objectives of those producing are quite different.

And it's gotten worse. Although I greatly dislike the JJ films their financial success pretty much guarantees that any successive film treatments will follow the same model of going for a splashy, action laden and dumbed down approach with a pervasive adolescent mindset rather than an adult one. This is why I firmly believe for Star Trek to ever regain any of its previous glory it has to get back to television where it has the freedom to tell the variety of stories it was meant for.
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