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Re: Different Generations uniforms?

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Personally, though, the TNG series uniforms are my second-favorite Trek uniform design -- after the TWOK-era film uniforms -- and I wish they'd just stuck with them. I know the FC variant is very popular around here, but I prefer my Trek uniforms to have more color in them than that. Hence my preference for the TWOK era with its bold maroon jacket, and the TNG uniforms with their distinctive colors, over either the FC or DS9 uniforms.
I'm in agreement with you. At the time of First Contact, I initially liked the newly introduced uniforms. But looking back now, I really don't like how dominant that huge grey yoke is (particularly the men's versions). And how it's quilted (ugh). It goes over about as well as the pleated khaki pants I wore around the the same time.

I love the original TNG styles (yes even the season 1+2), followed by the DS9 jumper (the biggest complaint I have about it is how the undershirt occasionally took on a lavender tint), with the FC style in dead last.

For the original crew, I do admit to a definite fondness for the Maroon Monsters, although they look decidedly uncomfortable to wear and are a bit fussy in their insignia details.
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