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Re: Are the changes to TOS lore here to stay?

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Do we even have an idea on whether or not there will be anymore Abramsverse content? I mean, I figured that was dead, now. It's kind of a shame, even given my disappointment with STiD. Two movies and the universe is dead.
The cast was contracted for three movies, so there will be another film after STID. Once that movie debuts, several things can happen. The cast can be given another contract for more films, CBS may decide they want to produce a TV series (and with all of the sets, props, costumes, models, etc. from the Abrams films, it's highly likely the new show will be set in the same universe), they may produce an animated series, or they may make a webseries. It's entirely up to CBS what they want to do. But I'll tell you this: Star Trek makes money, and they're not going to let it die, so I wouldn't worry about that.
CBS has nothing to do with the Abrams films. Paramount owns the Star Trek movie rights and CBS owns the TV rights. If CBS decided to do a new Trek series, they'd have to do their own thing (or maybe work out some sort of licensing agreement with Paramount if they want to set it in the Abramsverse).
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