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Re: Are the changes to TOS lore here to stay?

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Probably the idea that the Enterprise crew came together in a time of crisis. And Uhura having a much more prominent role than in TOS.
I like the idea of the crew coming together in a time of crisis, that would definitely up the tension level. Speaking of Uhura's prominence, it's interesting how she's already risen in importance in the new movies. She has effectively replaced McCoy as the third main character. She's replaced him in all the movie posters too.

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I'd mention the idea that the crew attended the academy together, but that almost came to light in the early 90's with Star Trek: The Academy Years and isn't an invention of the '09 reboot.
I have always had several problem with the Star Trek: The Academy Years concept that had the main crew members attending the Academy together. Here are the main ones:
1) The ages of the main characters range over more than twenty years. During the original series, McCoy and Scotty were the oldest, both around 45 and Chekov was the youngest, around 22, with the others all somewhere in between. Does it really make sense they'd all be in the Academy together?
2) If they did all go to the Academy together, then why are their ranks so widely varied too? It makes Chekov seem like a slacker if he's only managed to rise to the level of Ensign while some of his classmates have risen to the rank of Captain in the same amount of time.
3) Spock said he had served with Pike some 13 years prior to Kirk's command of the Enterprise. Even if Spock was assigned to the Enterprise right out of the Academy, and his 13 year statement was made at the beginning of Kirk's command, that would still put his classmates Uhura and Sulu somewhere in their mid-teens, and Chekov at age 9 at the time of graduation if they all attended the Academy together. While at the same time, Scott and McCoy would be in their early 30's at graduation.

There are several other issues I have with the concept, but I don't feel the need to beat a dead horse here.

EDIT: And probably the idea that Khan is Star Trek's version of The Joker or Moriarty, an arch nemesis for Kirk and crew.[/QUOTE]

That would be interesting. Would you have Khan roaming around using the Relient as a pirate ship of sorts?
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