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Re: Are the changes to TOS lore here to stay?

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No way. For me, canon matters and I consider Star Trek canon ended with the end of "Enterprise."

I don't watch the Abrams version and I never will. I know it exists, but I choose to ignore it. Star Trek in it's original incarnation was just fine. If it's good for you, great. Enjoy it. But to me, it as meaningless as urinating up in the air and then saying "it's raining."
My initial reaction to Abrams version was, and I quote, "I hated every fucking frame of that movie." Upon leaving the theater one of my friends commented, "You look like someone just shot your dog!" Oh I was pissed. Since then I've mellowed towards it. What helped me to put things into perspective was the review Mr. Plinkett's gave it. I would really recommend watching it, if for nothing more than the fact you will laugh your ass off, guaranteed. This is some funny stuff. I found once I was able to have a good laugh about the whole mess, I felt better about it. I even enjoyed the second movie, in a way, and to a certain extent. I just saw it as a filmed version of one of those bad Star Trek Key comics from the early 70's. Anyway, here's a link to the review:
I couldn't find it on youtube for some reason, but this is from the video's official site. Enjoy!
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