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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 92: With Friends like These....

Dukat: Odo, shapeshift into a comfort woman for your old friend Skrain, okay? It's been a long duty shift.

Odo: Go spin on a Dabo table.

Sisko (offscreen): He says his name is Mike Trout VIII. You sure this guy can hit?

Jaro: With your colleagues in the Vedek Assembly backing my candidacy, Bajor will be ours.

Winn: Yeah, yeah, walk with the Prophets, I got it. Now if you don't take your hands off me this instant, I put my Vedek hat up your Politician ass.

Winn: I'm sorry, Solbor, I must have forgotten basic anatomy. You really should have asked someone else to do your prostate exam.
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