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Re: Are the changes to TOS lore here to stay?

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The changes are really in regards to the Abrams movies. As far as TOS is concerned, all that stuff happened in another reality.
True, however, future reboots may not be set in Abrams alternate universe. The next reboot may be billed as "a return to Star Trek's roots". However, since we cannot undo what has been done by Abrams, no matter how much we may want to, the next version will undoubtedly be, to one degree or another, a synthesis of of the original series and Abrams reboot, that's just how things go. You know, Hegel's triad and all that; thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.

I figured we TOS fans would be more likely to have a working knowledge of both Star Trek's, where those who are into the new ones probably don't know too much about the original. So I posted the thread here.
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