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Re: Writing questions

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In the electronic age, your agent can be based anywhere. The thing to look at is what other authors are represented by an agency, and by its respective agents, and to find one that handles work similar to that which you hope to sell.
Nicely put. In olden days, you probably wanted an agent based in NYC, but today maybe not so much. Although I suspect that even those who now have the luxury of operating from Florida or Seattle or wherever probably started out in NYC at some point, in order to make their reputation and connections. Once they're established, however, an agent can work from anywhere.

But David is right. Look at who an agent represents and how well their authors are doing. That matters more than the ability to have lunch with them. (I think I've had lunch with my agent exactly twice in nearly twenty years. But we communicate by phone and email all the time.)

On the flip side, I still remember the "agent" whose letterhead proudly proclaimed something like "Serving the new and unpublished author since 1975!"

Um, I'd rather have an agent who brags about all the successful, bestselling authors he or she represents!
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