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Are the changes to TOS lore here to stay?

If Abrams has proven anything it's that Star Trek is here to stay. Now that Paramount knows Star Trek will sell tickets regardless of the cast, and once this reboot runs its course, we should expect to see other reboots in the future.

Just as 1980's British series Robin of Sherwood effectively added new elements to the Robin Hood legend which have endured in every version of Robin Hood since, so too has Abrams' movies introduced new elements to TOS's lore.

Anyone care to speculate on which changes they think are likely to survive into future versions of Star Trek, and which are likely to go the way of the dodo bird? For example, the Spock/Uhura relationship, should it stay or should it go?

(I wasn't sure if I should post this thread here or over in the Star Trek Movies XI+ section. I decided to post it here because the topic seemed to me to be more about TOS lore in general than about the new movies.)
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