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Re: 51% of Americans don't accept the Big Bang theory

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But these same people have no problem with where God came from.
If you were to say that the matter and energy was alway there (like God) and that the universe has expanded and contracted in a endless series of big bangs, that would one theory.

Or, that the matter and energy was (somehow) created in the big bang and never existed before, that would be another theory.

But there's no consensus at this time, and this is a hole in the theory. Come on science guys, take a position.

Monotheists hold that God was alway there and didn't "come from" somewhere. Also that the matter and energy that is the universe was created in a supernatural event.

That's what is called taking a position. Regardless if you agree with the position taken.

Your turn, where did the big bang "come from?"

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