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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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Ainley's Master also shows up in the last McCoy story, which you skipped Survival. Delgado's Master is in 8 of Pertwee's stories
Yeah, the fact that Ainley's Master is in Survival has made me reconsider watching it. But, while I like Ainley, I despise the 7th Doctor (who is basically just The Master himself, but with a lower body count and a slightly better ability to hide his evil). Plus, the story sounded pretty stupid. But, I might watch it. I do like Ainley's Master, and the 7th did have one or two good serials, so maybe Survival could be one of the rare instances where the story makes the 7th tolerable. When I got to it in my 7th Doctor viewing, I was just fed up with the 7th. After some time away, I can probably handle watching the serial now.

As for delgado, I'll definitely get to him. I just haven't gotten that far in my 3rd Doctor watching yet. Inferno is the next 3rd Doctor story I need to watch, and then I think The Master shows up in the serial after that, Terror of the Autons.
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