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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 92: With Friends like These....

Gul Dukat: Do you know why Quark only hires Bajoran dabo girls?
Odo: No, why?
Gul Dukat: He heard they have a Prophet motive.
Odo: That's it, you're under arrest.

Prophets: If you build it, they will come....
Sisko: A baseball field?
Prophets: No, a gender-neutral toilet. OF COURSE A BASEBALL FIELD! HELLO, SYMBOLISM??

Winn: Oh, you have a problem fleeing from wormhole space?
Jaro: Yes, I did not say I had "problem fleas from your wormhole space." That would make no sense.

Kai Winn: I know it's your birthday request, Solbor, but couldn't we reenact a scene from any other movie than Pulp Fiction?
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