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I'm looking for a script that can be customised by a bear of very little brain. And I seem to be going round in circles. So I'm seeking help and advice.

What I'm trying to do is this: offer an email address to wedding guests (and for friends to send email greetings instead of cards) that they can send images to, and have those images appear in a slideshow. The idea is to have a screen at the reception with live pictures on.

Flickr and tumblr both have slideshow themes, (I think the tumblr one costs) but they don't allow any heading or text with the image. Tumblr I know you can update via email.

All the slideshow scripts I can find create a fixed flash with the listed images - can't find one that does on-the-fly updates.

This :

Does live updates from a folder without going anywhere near the internet but you need ftp set up. Again, no text added.


Might - but I can't actually make too much sense.

And I wondered about this:

As it seems to sit in the gallery.

I have loads of free scripts available (all the ones offered by softalicious) and I'm happy to create a dedicated account in tumblr, flickr etc.

Can someone help? I'm more than a little out of my depth here.

Our Best Man was supposed to do this but he's been too busy with Teh Drama! In his furry community.
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