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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

Many thanks, Maurice. I hadn't watched past the teaser about a decade ago, and occasionally I'd drop by this topic I ran across a couple of years back. Tonight I watched the thing through Act Three. I may let myself treat your work on Act Four as a kind of "continued next week", just so I can grok what I've seen so far.

Dennis out did himself. This story line ranks right up there with Fontana's The Enterprise Incident. Scott has garnered performances from all that suspend disbelief, and the entire production team has created a world that rivals TOS.

What a magnificent job. Its quite easy to see now why the major parties couldn't let themselves quite let go of this project.

Makes one pine for a retro series of found footage of a long lost Trek production, held in some kind of legal limbo until forgotten by all save those who labored on it before being swept up in the reality of moving on to other things. An actor playing a writer who had found the cache could introduce each episode, like a modern day Rod Serling. And Jimm and Company would actually get paid. Of course, the release schedule would have to be bumped up a little.

Great job, every one. Very cool. And may I say, quite worth the wait. Glad I could make it.

Thanks again.

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