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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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On a separate issue..

Just saw the Androids of TARA, I loved that flick! It was great fun! Just wish the Androids looked more advanced.. but oh well. It was a smooth show, and very fun. It really shows why K-9 should come back in the series, but more advanced..
I used to have a hat similar to the one Romana wore in that story. Somebody who is now a former friend borrowed it permanently.

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Speaking of 4th Doctor serials, I've been really hoping that The Master shows up again eventually. He was around in his freaky corpse form in The Deadly Assassin, but he hasn't been seen since. I looked it up and apparently he doesn't return until the second to last 4th Doctor serial. But, when he does show up he apparently becomes the form I saw fighting the 5th Doctor (The 5 Doctors), and 6th Doctor (The mark of the Rani, Trial of a Timelord), which is cool. I liked Anthony Ainley's Master in the few stories I've seen him in. I can't call him my favorite Master because I haven't seen Roger Delgado yet, but I look forward to seeing Ainley show up eventually, and I hope he's in more 5th Doctor stories than just The Five Doctors.
Anthony Ainley's Master shows up in The Keeper of Traken and Logopolis (Fourth Doctor) and Castrovalva, Time-Flight, The King's Demons, The Five Doctors, and Planet of Fire (Fifth Doctor).

In verifying the above list, I found out that Anthony Ainley died 10 years ago. I hadn't known that.
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