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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

The Abominable Snowmen was a good story. Sure, it only has one complete episode, but I enjoyed story overall, even if most of it was told with reconstructions. I liked how the guy I thought would turn out to be your average battle hungry warrior didn't turn out the way I thought he would. I also liked how the monks mostly didn't treat the Doctor the way so many groups do, with instant paranoia and hostility. They treated The Doctor and the companions fairly well, except for a bit early on. The Great Intelligence was a decently interesting villain, especially since i've seen it's plans in newer Doctor Who. The Yeti, like I said before, were goofy in a good way. The Doctor and Jamie were good, although victoria was a bit annoying at times (although not unbearably so). Overall, this is a story I like, and really wish I could see it complete.

I'm two episodes into the 4th Doctor serial Underworld, and its pretty good so far. Its interesting to learn about a species that the Timelords screwed up with, its like a Starfleet Prime Directive situation.

Also, as I was typing this, I literally just remembered that I screwed up, and skipped The Sun Makers, just like when I posted what Doctor Who serial was next So, after Underworld will be The Sun Makers, assuming I don't screw up and skip to something else.

Speaking of 4th Doctor serials, I've been really hoping that The Master shows up again eventually. He was around in his freaky corpse form in The Deadly Assassin, but he hasn't been seen since. I looked it up and apparently he doesn't return until the second to last 4th Doctor serial. But, when he does show up he apparently becomes the form I saw fighting the 5th Doctor (The 5 Doctors), and 6th Doctor (The mark of the Rani, Trial of a Timelord), which is cool. I liked Anthony Ainley's Master in the few stories I've seen him in. I can't call him my favorite Master because I haven't seen Roger Delgado yet, but I look forward to seeing Ainley show up eventually, and I hope he's in more 5th Doctor stories than just The Five Doctors.
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