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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Grading & Discussion

I saw this film yesterday. I thought it was better than the first Amazing, but still not up there with Raimi's first two Spider-Man films. I also thought this film wasn't as good as Captain America, but it was a good time at the movies for the most part.

It started off on the wrong foot for me. During the airplane sequence-which had enough action and suspense in it I suppose-I was wanting them to start the film with Spider-Man getting into the action. I was glad when they got to that. The action was well done for the most part throughout the film. I also liked the new suit, even though I liked the one from the first Amazing as well. It had one of the worst Stan Lee cameos.

The highlight of these films is the Gwen-Peter relationship. Emma Stone comes across as very likeable and she lights up the screen. I thought Andrew Garfield was better as Peter this time than he was in Amazing I. He wasn't as annoying in and out of the suit as he was in that movie. With Aunt May, I think she still needs work. She wasn't as dithering as she was in the first movie, and I was glad they found a little more for her to do and say. It seems like if Peter's parents could afford a private plane and a hidden train lab that they could've left more money for Uncle Ben and Aunt May.

The villains I had mixed feelings about. I think Jamie Foxx overplayed Dillon's nerdiness. It came off like a stereotypical depiction of a nerd and I wish he had played Dillon more straight, as just an average Joe that was stepped on and overlooked and eventually snapped. I liked him better as Electro though his reasons or rationale for hating Spider-Man could've been better worked out. And just where did Electro get his supervillain suit? I thought the special effects for Electro were pretty well done.

I didn't care for the look of the Green Goblin. I liked the suit and glider, but it made little sense how after the transformation that he crawled over to the Goblin suit and glider and then learned how to operate it so quickly. As Harry I thought DeHaan did okay, but wished there had been more time spent on developing his friendship with Peter. He definitely had a strong reason to hate Spider-Man though. Where the Raimi films showed their superiority-again-over this new franchise is that they developed the friendship first so the eventual misunderstandings, betrayals, conflict, and reunion all had more of an emotional impact.

I liked the suit for Rhino. I am iffy on Giamatti's performance. One review I read said that Dr. Kafka was hammy. I could go with that. And Smythe was barely in it.

If the film goes Sinister Six next time I'm assuming Doc Ock, Vulture, and maybe Rhino will be in it. Here's hoping for Scorpion too.

My rankings of the Spider-films:

Spider-Man 2
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The Amazing Spider-Man
Spider-Man 3
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