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Re: Question about uniform changes

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Has there ever been a leak online of the proposed new Starfleet uniform for Generations?

In the UK scifi mag SFX, in 1996 there was a big preview of First Contact, before any footage or images had been released. They described the proposed new uniforms as being departmental colour under garment with polo neck, black shoulders and a grey body. So effectively the First Contact uniforms, but the with the black and the grey swapped.

When pictures of the uniforms finally got released, I had always assumed the writer just made a mistake. But on reading this thread, I never knew they had plans for a Generations uniform until today.

Is it possible that they did try a grey body, black shoulders and department polo neck? They definitely did grey bodies before for all three of the cadet uniforms shown (TNG, DS9 and VOY), so somebody in the production side liked the concept.
Start here, and work your way down:

As the image in the link shows, the toy manufacturers of the Generations tie-in figures were never told that the unused uniforms had been dropped, so an entire wave of the toys was released with the crew wearing uniforms we never actually seen on screen.
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