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Re: star trek temporal agents vs Timelords

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The 50th anniversary ends, and the two guys from the Department of Temporal Investigations come to question the Doctor.

Muldur: Doctor, why'd you travel back in time?
The Doctor: It was an accident.
Lucsly: So you're not contending it was a pre-destination paradox or a time loop? We hate hose.
The Doctor: Um... no. Although... There was the letter from the Queen...
Muldur: What letter from the Queen?
The Doctor: Oh, nothing... Nothing of historic importance anyway...
Muldur: Is that a joke?
The Doctor: No.
Lucsly: Good.
Muldur: We hate those too.
Lucsly: So - what happened?
The Doctor: The Moment came...
Muldur: The Moment?
Lucsly: It is a Time Lord schedule 5 temporal weapon. Gallifrey should have never been accepted in the Federation before destroying those.
The Doctor: Somebody had activated the Moment, and the fissure pulled me back to the Doctor and Elizabeth...
Muldur: The Elizabeth.
The Doctor: The one and only!
Lucsly: Seventeen separate temporal violations; the biggest file on record.
Muldur: The woman was a menace.
The Doctor: No, no, no, you've got it all wrong. You're thinking of... the infamous Captain Braxton and Agent Daniels.
Muldur: Who?
The Doctor: Can't tell you that.
Lucsly: Why not?
The Doctor: Temporal prime directive.
Priceless. I can just hear Matt Smith's voice there.
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