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Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch

Star Fleet Corps of Engineers, Mission to Bajor

By T.M. Flavin

Book One – The Monarch

Chapter Sixteen - What buying unseen gets you!

Day Eleven

Taking off from Luna port wasn’t too bad.

Sergeant Clemmons changed his mind and decided to ride along with Kahlest in his shutle, along with one other inspector, to be with the first to board the Monarch.

Over half the Klingons were left at Luna port to await a returning shuttle.

Our team’s two shuttles followed the Customs shuttle.

Approaching the Monarch was still a little tricky. It had a slow roll to keep it from roasting its insides.

I could only imagine what the ship’s temperature, and environment, was like at minimum power, especially after six months.

Kadra did a good job piloting the Rhino.

Cutting the impulse engines and landing that shuttle with thrusters, at that top hatch of the ship, took a lot of skill.

Kahlest, Kadra and Barkley had kept up a steady dialog during the docking procedures.

I wondered who would really take the credit for the safe docking.

About fifteen minutes later the bridge lights came on.

I then got a call from Sergeant Clemmons to stand by.

About fifteen minutes later, Sergeant Clemmons gave us another call.

“Commodore, bring your shuttle into the port side when we open the landing bay door.”

“Bring your shuttle in very slowly and as far forward as you can to allow my shuttle in behind you."

"Be careful there is a lot of debris in the shuttle bay.”

“The other shuttle will have to wait until we get power to the starboard bay door, before it can enter."

"There is also a lot of debris in that bay too, so both pilots must exercise caution.”

“I can tell you right now Commodore; we don’t plan on staying here long.”

He wasn’t kidding about debris.

In the port landing area were there should be enough room for two shuttles there was barely enough room for one to slide in.

Be’nen took our shuttle in until it nosed up against the front bulk head.

The customs shuttle was behind us so close, that if our shuttle number two was there you couldn’t open the back hatch.

Their shuttle just cleared the bay doors by less than a meter.

Sergeant Clemmons met me at my shuttle side door.

“Sir, I am informing you now that you are going nowhere with this ship the way she is loaded.”

“I can guess right now she is way overloaded, and with all this mass aboard it would be like a missile.”

“No one is going to give you a permit to transit Sol system until you clean up this mess.”

“You have thirty days before we will return and perform another inspection.”

“If things aren’t corrected enough to get a certificate of transit, she’s headed for the sun."

"I’m sorry sir, but that’s the way it is.”

“I understand Sergeant; I’ll get right on it.”

“Okay sir, would you please vacate the landing bay so we can be on our way. Good Luck sir, you really need it.”

I said, ‘thank you’, and had our crew vacate the landing bay.
Kahlest then unpressurized the landing bay and the custom shuttle backed out and left.

He then closed the doors and re-pressurized the landing area.

There were no energy protective screens at the entrances on this old dog; the doors to the shuttle bay did all the work.

We then went over to the starboard bay where Kahlest wrestled with the controls to get our other shuttle in.

The mess of debris I saw was astounding.

There was everything from two or three shuttle craft skeletons, to shipping crates, to boxes, to just parts, scattered all over the place.

I now knew how Kahlest managed to steel his ship.

The whole ship was a storage bin of scrap metal and spare parts.

It came from storage depot salvage yard.

Nobody probably even missed it.

When the Starboard bay was re-pressurized, and my shocked crew was all together I told Kahlest: “Okay Captain let’s all take the tour and head for the bridge to start off.”

C deck cargo area had a freight transporter that looked like it might have been still serviceable.

Everything was filthy.

Staunn walked up to me and held on to my hand.

I must have been as ill looking as I felt.

B deck cargo hold was also filled with all sorts of stuff, most if it in bins.

A deck was a passenger deck.

This kind of confirmed what I thought, she was and old colony service ship, probably carrying people, and supplies, to a mining colony.

She sure wasn’t a luxury liner.

All the rooms were filled with crap.

Most were stripped, and one thing I noticed they all had lock bars on the outsides of the doors.

She was also probably a onetime slaver, or prison transport ship.

You could still see some of the writing on the walls, and doors, some of it in Earth Standard.

Also on A deck were two large lavatories, a bare infirmary, a combined purser and security office, an individual personnel transporter, an environmental control station and a common room.

We surmised that from some of the still legible Earth Standard labeling on the bulkhead walls.

The common room was at least free of debris, but like the rest of the ship, it was dirty.

I didn’t think the Klingons were planning to stay on the ship too long.

How and why they ended on the moon is still a mystery, and Kahlest isn’t talking.

The Main deck was more livable looking, but not much more.
Kadra, and Barkley, were there.

Barkley was wondering out loud as to how did we get into this mess?

He wasn’t alone.

I asked every one to take a break I had something to say.

I turned to Kahlest and asked: “Well Captain it looks like your salvage mission starts right now, are you ready for this?”

Kahlest didn’t look to happy about the situation he was in either but he said: “Yes Commodore we will do our best.”

“I would like to make a few suggestions, and make a few points of interest.”

“First of all me, and my crew, are advisors, we will assist you in any way to help you succeed, but we won’t be doing all of your work for you: that’s not our job."

"You have the responsibility to clean up this ship and make it your home ship, for you and the Bajorans, who will be working crew for you.”

“The first thing I suggest is that you appoint one of your people a Purser and another a Loadmaster.”

“I suggest you appoint your wife as Purser."

"You have a ship to run, and those are administrative jobs you don’t need to be doing on a day to day basis."

"I’m asking Be’nen to assist your wife in getting started.”

“I will give you a roster of our personnel and what their capabilities are; I suggest you try to get your people paired up with them until you get Bajorans to replace them.”

“From that roster I suggest you set up a watch list for a twenty four hour ship’s operation, get use to it."

"That will be three eight Earth hour shifts.”

“With your permission Captain, I would like Mr. Comet to get to work immediately on the ships computers.”

“I want an information dump from them scheduled in six hours.”

“He will coordinate with Luna port."

"I’m sure these computers are going to need a lot of information, and systems, updating.”

“Mr. Comet, Captain Kahlest will need the latest Engineer SOPs for recovery and salvage procedures."

"He will also need a list of Federation rules, and regulations, pertaining to family freight operations.”

“See if you can get the crew manifest for the Monarch, when she was last manned by Federation owners."

"If not get a manifest for a fifty man crewed ship, maybe like the Defiant class cruiser, so the Captain can use it as a guide in assigning his personnel to the new positions.”

“Captain Kahlest will provide you an assistant as soon as he can but, I would like you to start right after this meeting.”

“Yes, sir, right away,” Larry confirmed.

“I’ll bring my tool kit right up and get started.”

“Mr. Og, did you see the freight transporter?”

“Here sir, yes I did”, he replied.

“Good, your exceptional skills as a merchant will really be needed to complete this job and get us out of here.”

“Who me sir; Just what are we talking about here?”

“Mr. Og I want you to sell, trade, recycle, and dispose of all this material not belonging in this ship, in any way you can to all the moon bases, not just Luna port.”

“You got to be kidding Commodore. There must be tons of material here and you expect me to get rid of it all?”

“Yes Mr. Og, it’s the sale of a life time."

"Do you know how much it cost to ship materials to the moon, extraordinary amounts, and you have a ship load of stuff.”

“Metals, spare parts, even night soil for fertilizer, if I can guess what’s in our holding tanks."

"And Mr. Og, they have replicators on the moon, and you know what replicators need, raw material, and we have a ship load of it.”

“Yes, Yes Captain I see, I see what you mean. We will make a fortune.”

“Just get us what we need to get this ship resupplied, and livable, Mr. Og” I replied.

“I would like Officer Flanagan to assist you, and your Dabo crew; and Larry get as many parts catalogs as you can get loaded in to the system, so Og can maybe cross reference what we have here and make use of it.”

“I understand Mike,” Larry replied.

“Engineers, and Maintenance men, you know where the engine room is, so please go there and assist the Monarch crew; I’m sure there will be a lot of calls once we get rolling.”

“Recovery section, would you please start on cleaning out the passenger quarters.”

“We may be here for a month, and I don’t think you all want to stay in a shuttle craft."

"Use your tricorders to record what you pick up, and take down to Og.”

“I would like you to also survey those shuttle craft too.”

“You people know the drill. Anything with serial numbers, part numbers and languages needs to be cataloged.”

“Any information disks, or isolinear chips, get them to Ms. Tash."

"Captain Kahlest will be assigning help as soon as he gets all of his people here on board.”

“I will be with Dr. Tehk helping in the infirmary, if anyone needs me.”

“I’m sure you all have questions, but for right now let’s hold off until Mr. Comet gets the computer dump finished.”

“The next meeting will be in about six hours. Let’s get to work.”

With that they all started moving to where they needed to go.

Officer Fleming and Carney came up to me and asked me what they wanted them specifically to do.

I told them I thought there was a security office connected to the pursers’ office.

They were to go there and get started.

I also wanted them to start scouting around for anything that looked like weapons or weapons material, and start to an armory in some storage bin that might be available, to keep the findings locked up.

Be’nen and Staunn were waiting for me when I went over to Kahlest and suggested it would be alright now to use his shuttle to pick up the rest of his people at Luna port.

He said, “Sure, Commodore, we have a lot of work to do.”

I told him I would like Mr. Barkley to go along with Kadra to smooth over any language problems with port authorities.

“I agree,” he said, and then ordered Kadra to take the shuttle back to Luna port, with Mr. Barkley on communications.

I informed Pete, and Don on my com badge, of where Dwayne was going.

I then called Be’nen over to us.

“Be’nen when you get a chance; would you to inform the Bajoran Embassy, on Earth, of what is going on here with the Monarch.”

“See if you can recruit some help from those Bajorans who want to work their passage back to Bajor, and get them to start early."

"We could pick them up at space dock with the Rhino shuttle if they are willing to come.”

I then took Be’nen by the arm and Staunn by the hand and made our way back down to A deck.

The Pursers office was bare except for a computer terminal, not even a desk.

When I turned on the terminal it flashed on and off, mostly in Klingon.

Larry was busy with the main computers so it would be awhile before we could send any traffic.

The Security section looked fairly well lived in.

It even had extra desk and chairs, and what looked like a coffee maker (?), or whatever the Klingons drank.

Officers Fleming and Carney were there turning on buttons, checking connections and trying to tidy up the place.

I asked them if they could move one of the desks over to the Pursers office side, and give Be’nen a few chairs to sit on.

They obliged her gladly.

The infirmary was as bare as the Purser’s office.

Only half of the overhead lights worked.

The examination table was an original Star Fleet model that I had seen only in videos.

All the cupboards were bare except for some data file disks that were strewn about the place.

The terminal lit up, but the monitor was broken.

Staunn asked me to help her bring her equipment up from the shuttle.

She then asked me if we planned to sleep in this dump.

I said no, that I planned to stay in the shuttle with her and her mother, unless they preferred different.

Be’nen was still not talking to me.

We all then trudged down to the shuttle.

A deck seemed to be in a acquiring a cloud of dust with all the movement of materials, and trying to sweep out the cubicles, with the one or two brooms that were found.

At the shuttle I grabbed a cup of coffee, and a roll from the on board replicator, while the two women changed clothing.

They had to empty out my suit case because neither one had any work clothes.

Staunn had only Medic smocks and Be’nen only her business suits. So they both had to wear one of my red “Commodore” shirts.

Be’nen found my denim trousers and put them on.

Two of my civilian shirts were cut up into hair scarves.

Before we exited Be’nen cornered me and asked me if I was angry with her.

“No,” I said, “are you angry with me?”

“You seemed to have lost your smile since Luna port."

"I supposed you ware angry at me for the way things turned out.”

“I do not get angry, I’m a Vulcan and Vulcans don’t get angry, they are logical beings,” she replied.

“Well bless your little Vulcan heart,” I said as I embraced her and gave her a kiss.

“What is that supposed to mean?” She gasped.

Just then Staunn came in and asked, “What’s going on here, are you having a fight?”

“No,” I said, “I’m trying to mind meld with you mother, she doesn’t think I love her.”

So I kissed Be’nen again and shoved my tongue in her mouth as far as I could.

She gasped again and said. “You are just a typical human male pervert who wants to have sex with me.”

“Yes I do! Yes I do! Right now, let’s get it on."

"I want to show you how much I love you, even when you are wearing work clothes, you turn me on.”

“Get away from me you crazy human, Staunn help me I’m being molested.”

Staunn started giggling.

“Don’t help her Staunn, I’m in pon farr; help me get my pants off,” I shouted.

There was much wrestling and rolling around the floor of that little shuttle compartment.

Staunn finally got my belt loosened and then Be’nen said; “I’ll fix you.”

She then pulled my pants down to my ankles, then grabbed Staunn and both ran out the door, leaving me gasping for breath.

I shouted out, “Be’nen you’re just like I thought, a big tease.”

“Be quiet you, you oversexed playboy.” She shouted back.

She then slammed the shuttle side door and took off with Staunn who was laughing and screeching, “I’ll be back, Michael, I’ll be back, wait for me.”

What Be’nen then said was a little muffled by the closed door.

After I reassembled my dignity, I gathered up my pers-comp went outside and looked for a place to hook up a power slave cable, for the shuttle.

After I moved about two hundred pounds of junk I found an outlet on the bulk head wall and plugged in the cable.

When I went into the cargo area to walk to the stairway my people were looking at me with big smile on their faces.

They had heard our lovers scuffle; so I waved to them and headed for B deck.

On B deck, Og, and the Dabo girls, were looking for me too.

They were all alone so I went over to them to see how things were going.

I didn’t see any Klingons around.

I asked Og; “Has Kahlest sent you any help yet?”

“Not yet Captain, I don’t think the shuttle has arrived yet."

"We have been trying to scan some of the materials around here, but the computer is still not on line for trade actions.”

I put an immediate comm. badge call in for Kahlest;

“Captain, have you appointed a load master yet?”

“No sir I’m having interviews with my officers now," he answered.

"Some are reluctant to be assigned civilian positions; they would rather have the Bajorans do the laborers tasks.”

“What! You tell them that this is not a combat ship and if they cannot accept that fact, they can go right back down to the Luna port brig on the next shuttle flight.”

“I suggest you get that Interrogation Officer down here and assist Mr. Og.”

“How in the hell are you going to know what is going on if someone doesn’t learn our supply system."

"Remember our mission.”

“I also recommend that you assign your Weapons Officer, and his crew, to take charge of the Environmental systems."

"I’m sure we have no water that’s potable on this ship."

"Get them working on filters and reclamation."

"Where is your transporter specialist?”

“He hasn’t arrived yet, Commodore”.

“Well when he arrives, put him to work down here.”

“When your wife arrives, talk to her about my recommendation she be your ships’ Purser."

"As a Purser she will be invaluable to you in this operation, if not, have who you select, came and talk to me, or Be’nen.”

“Yes sir, it will be done. Kahlest, out.”

Jeez, temperamental Klingons, that’s all I need.

We weren’t going to be there to help run his ship once we transfer to the Grayson.

I knew what the Klingon manning roster was for a Bird of Prey that Commander Hayes gave me.

These Klingons will have to adjust themselves to operating a civilian ship or were sunk.

I told Og that I didn’t want the girls lifting and hauling all this material, and to make sure the new load master gets his own help.

Og said he would comply, but he didn’t like being alone with the Klingons.

He also told me that he saw the Ferengi shuttle in the landing bay.

I told him I under stood, and said I would get Officer Fleming to set up his armory down here in one of these storage rooms, and work with Officer Flanagan, both would help in assisting him.

I also told him that as soon as Officer Fleming got here, he should send the Dabo girls up to the common room to work.

The place needed somebody to take charge of it because as soon as the computers were straightened out, I wanted to order food, and the place was a mess.

Besides that I thought they would make better looking waitresses than the Klingons.

Og kind of scowled, but the girls looked happier.

I then called Officer Fleming on my comm. badge, and asked him to set up his armory shop in the B deck storage area, and to assist Mr. Og as necessary.

Then I was off to see what other fires had to be put out.
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