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Re: Rock Jockeys: "Gold-Plated Trouble"

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Cam - again, I hope this hiatus is not permanent but I have tried to force stories to completion in the past and regretted it. Best to let things lie dormant until the winds shift my way again.
This is true -- creativity can't be forced. I've tried it myself and never much liked the result. Definitely keep chillin' and I'm sure the Muse will return. Probably when you least expect her to.

As to the 11th Fleet version of the Bluefin, feel free to attach it to any squadron you like. I use the 7th Squadron for United Trek but in alternate universes it can be put anywhere.
While this is true, I feel like you deserve to be proprietary over your ship's origins. I could certainly say that Bluefin's still apart of the 7th (I'd get to mention Melody Akinola!, lol), but it doesn't feel right to me. She's your ship. I'll think on it.

I was going to PM you with more details but your messaging isn't set up yet. I think you have to have more posts here or something.
This is strange indeed. Because I see a "Send Message" link under Admiral Elm's name when I visit his profile, but I don't see one under yours when I go to your profile page. If it was simply a mtter of post numbers, how come I can message him but not you? Oh well. Too bad your account at TOT11F was deleted (not by me). The boards are still up atm even if they're not active, and you could PM me there. That way we don't clog up your story thread anymore.
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