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Re: strange radio bursts detected

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Unless these radio bursts are deciphered to be threats from an alien race headed our way, I don't think we need to worry about it.
I wonder why the WOW! signal was never truly classified by scientists as our first contact by extraterrestrials?

It clearly wasn't from a natural source according to most journals I've read on the subject.
The universe has lots of tricks to play.

Pulsars were thought to be little green men at first. So help me, there will probably be a new type of stellar collapse discovered that perfectly mimics the opening of an "I Love Lucy" episode re-broadcast.

Now if the WOW signal was really from ET, we probably only heard it as it was being lensed as Earth passed through the focal line left by a star that boosted its strength.

So if it was ET, you might have to send a radio telecope to that position in space Earth way, or at least look for any object that lensed the signal--and anything behind it as the original source.
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