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Re: Is Spock the main character of TOS?

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For a long time it was Spock and the Enterprise, but then ST III came along, and of the two entities, only Spock was still standing when the closing fanfare played.
But like Spock, at the end of the next film after being destroyed, the Enterprise was back.
Note that Nimoy directed ST III. In the very film where he brought Spock back, he also took pains to kill off his rival for "main character" status, namely the Enterprise.
thank you ZapBrannigan for supplying the most insightful post in this thread so far. It is indeed interesting how the death and "rebirth" of the Enterprise mirrors that of Spock. Although Spock seems like he's physically the same man, he too, like 1701-A, is actually a replacement of the former. It is also interesting when considering the Enterprise metaphorically as the "Starship Earth", which is how Roddenberry described it on a metaphorical level. With that perspective in mind, the Enterprise being consumed by fire only to become new again is not unlike the new Earth at the end of Revelation. The scene on the bridge at the end of ST:IV looks rather "heavenly" does it not? Is this meant to be symbolic of a "glorified" Enterprise/Earth? Perhaps. But it wouldn't due to have the recently resurrected Spock, or, metaphorically the "glorified" "world savior", "ascend" into anything less than a "New Earth", ie 1701-A, would it?
The 1701-A then had the thankless task of filling in for a fan favorite, much like Priscilla Barnes replacing Suzanne Somers on Three's Company or Cheryl Ladd coming into Charlie's Angels for Farrah Fawcett. It's never quite the same, which was Nimoy's plan all along.
One can see what Shatner thought of the 1701-A, he turned it into a joke, and a growner at that. He mentioned missing his old chair for the first time in 5 movies. To which chair does he refer? He hadn't been sitting in the original one for 20 years. But point taken anyway- refit or not, this isn't the original Enterprise.
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