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Did May see the video? I'm assuming so. If that's the case, unless I'm missing something big, didn't she just give him the very knowledge the video warned led to mental deterioration? Doesn't that, in effect, render all the brain surgery, mental implants, etc. ineffective?
No, the video suggested that the knowledge of having been resurrected could lead to the mental aftereffects. Coulson already found that out months ago. Also, it's not a fact that the knowledge alone triggers the degeneration, just one of the suggested possibilities (and Coulson's continued stability argues that it isn't the right answer). The video also said that it may be a side effect of the resurrection process and that neural rewiring could correct it. And Coulson's already had the neural rewiring.

There could be someone behind all this who wants Coulson to know. It's not too subtle to give him a trigger phrase after anyone mentions the name of the project.
I don't think that was intentional. I think it was an unplanned side effect of the memory conditioning. He was programmed with certain memories and feelings about "Tahiti," but the programming wasn't subtle or detailed enough for his reactions to be natural and spontaneous. So instead he had an essentially Pavlovian conditioned response to hearing the name Tahiti.

I think it's obvious they wanted Coulson to find out the truth.
Whereas I think it's clear that they didn't. Remember, this was a prototype procedure, one that we now know had never actually succeeded before. Of course even a successful application of the technique was bound to have imperfections, such as the kneejerk "Tahiti" response and Coulson's general feeling of something being off, and those imperfections would make him want to know what was going on and begin investigating the question of his recovery.

The problem with conspiracy theories is that they rely on the assumption that nothing ever happens by accident or mistake, that everything fits into some perfectly calculated and executed pattern and represents someone's deliberate intention. Reality -- even fictional reality, generally -- is not so well-organized. People and organizations screw up. Things happen by accident or misfortune. Perfect crimes have imperfections that allow their exposure. Look at Operation Insight in The Winter Soldier. That plan came within a hair's breadth of being executed perfectly, but there were enough imperfections in the plan to get Fury wondering, and that led to Cap starting to figure out that something was wrong, and they and Widow dug deeper until they discovered the truth. Does that mean that Alexander Pierce wanted Fury to discover the truth all along? No, it means HYDRA's plan had flaws. And by the same token, Fury's attempt to resurrect Coulson and cover up the truth had flaws, and digging into those flaws led Coulson to the truth, just like in any detective story.
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