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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

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About that TAHITI report:

Am I the only one who was put in mind of plots from 1950's suspense/horror-genre comic books?
Did May see the video? I'm assuming so. If that's the case, unless I'm missing something big, didn't she just give him the very knowledge the video warned led to mental deterioration? Doesn't that, in effect, render all the brain surgery, mental implants, etc. ineffective?

There could be someone behind all this who wants Coulson to know. It's not too subtle to give him a trigger phrase after anyone mentions the name of the project. Imagine if those who worked on the Manhattan project were given a cover story that they were in Manhattan the entire time. And then, when anyone mentioned their time there (as in, "Weren't you in Manhattan last year?"), they'd reply, "The city so nice, they named it twice."

Or if the Roswell Conspiracy is true, but everyone was mind-wiped to reply, "It's a dry heat," when Roswell is mentioned.

I think it's obvious they wanted Coulson to find out the truth. So it this another of Fury's games? Coulson himself feeling that if he was used as a subject, he should at least know what happened to him? A HYDRA agent dropping the hints so Coulson would lead a high-placed HYDRA spy to the Guest House? Or something more?

Watching the coda to this past week's episode left me feeling the same way I did as a kid, when Algernon started to show signs of mental deterioration and eventually dying.
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