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Re: Rock Jockeys: "Gold-Plated Trouble"

I'm sorry to hear your muse took off on a permanent vacation, TLR. Hopefully she'll come to her senses and realize she can't live without you (not to mention can help you find the time to create more magic).

I hope you don't mind my opening a hailing frequency in your story thread, but I've frankly no other way of contacting you. The thing is, I'm trying to get back into fan fiction myself, because I love to read it and write it, and that includes the 11th Fleet universe. It's not going to be so much a shared community like it was before, but those of us who created characters for it love them so much we want to keep writing for them. Myself, Kahless, and Miranda Fave have all agreed to keep our writing interconnected even while we do our own thing (kind of like the UT 'verse, I believe), and in the case of myself and Fave, that includes a Border Patrol squadron.

To that end, we need just a smidgen of info from you. No one could remember what squadron the Bluefin was in, only that she operated in/near the Molari Badlands. Fave thought it was the 7th under Bateson, but my squadron is the 7th. I am afraid I don't recall if you moved Bluefin to another squadron for the 11th Fleet 'verse or not, and given that Cap has expressed an interest in attempting a BP vessel to give his own Muse a kick in the arse, we wanted to respect your creation of the Border Patrol by not having him pick the same squadron as you or anyone else (Bry Sinclair/3rd, Miranda Fave/6th, myself/7th). Fave said that even if Bluefin's squadron was never the 7th, you probably wouldn't mind if Cap chose the same one as you or not. And while I agreed...'s a respect thing. You're the creator of the Border Patrol and you're allowing other writers to take what you've built and run away with it in their own directions. Thus, no one takes the Bluefin's squadron. I'll even pick another one if I have to.

So there ya have it. Again, I really hope that someday you can get back into writing again, for your own entertainment and yes, for ours -- because you are a superbly talented writer.
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