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Re: 51% of Americans don't accept the Big Bang theory

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Hmmm...been following this very interesting thread with it's important topic...some well laid out arguments and talking points, to be sure...never actually seen the show, but that is for another thread...I have been looking back at the actual survey questions Yellow provided us with, and I can't quite make it work...has it occurred to anyone, that, with all due respect to the respondents, they did not understand what "the Big Bang" meant in the context of the survey, and neither did they understand what "Natural Selection" meant...?

...and, finally, I do not understand asking them about their confidence in Science in the context of the question about a Supreme Being guiding the Universe's creation...??? me clarify?
Or, maybe they were not confident in the actual numbers being tossed around. Instead of a specific number for age of the Earth and Universe, they simply said "billions of years" old?

I know when I read the questions, I wondered just how old the scientists were estimating the universe at this juncture.

Was I confident the Universe was "wicked old?"


Was I confident it was 13 or 17 or 23 billion years?


So I might have answered only "somewhat confident" despite the fact that I believe in TBBT (The theory, not the show)
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