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Re: Is Spock the main character of TOS?

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Is Spock the main character of TOS (sans Abrams reboot)?
Thank you for your response!

Christopher wrote: View Post
So the network kept pushing for more Spock, wanting to elevate him to the main character.
True the network eventually wanted more Spock, but not initially. When the series was still in the pilot stage Roddenberry had to fight the network to keep Spock in the series. Eventually the network gave in to Roddenberry, under the condition that he "keep the guy with the ears in the background", a demand which Roddenberry mostly ignored. So, even if Roddenberry had wanted Spock as the main character (and I'm not implying that he did) there's no way the network was going to allow it.

Christopher wrote: View Post
If Roddenberry hadn't resisted that pressure, Spock might've ended up following a similar route to Dr. Smith in Lost in Space or Fonzie in Happy Days, completely dominating the show to the expense of its nominal leads. But Roddenberry and Shatner both strove to keep Kirk central as he was intended to be. At Isaac Asimov's suggestion, Roddenberry played up the friendship and partnership between Kirk and Spock, making them inseparable and equal. McCoy was also able to stay central due to his friendly rivalry with Spock.
Again, true, to a certain point. Although pairing the two was more an attempt to placate Shatner, the ego-bruised star of the show, who felt threatened by Nimoy/Spock, and rightfully so. Roddenberry's problem was how to feature Spock more without causing Shatner to have a total meld down. Partnering the two was a perfect solution.

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Here are some facts to support this idea:
1. Spock was the first character Roddenberry created for Star Trek after getting the obligatory “Number One” character of out of the way, which he conceived to fulfil a promised he made to his mistress and future wife that she’d be a part of his next series.
Christopher wrote: View Post
Source, please? I haven't heard that before, and it sounds unlikely. We know that Roddenberry was inspired by the Horatio Hornblower novels, so it seems likely that the first character he conceived was the captain (although it took him a long time to settle on a name).
"By November 4, the first two actors were set for the pilot as Gene sent the following memo: Please make a deal on Magel (sic) Barrett to play "Number One" and Leonard Nimoy to play "Mister Spock". . .The role of "Number One" . . . had been written for Majel. . . no other actresses were considered for the part."-Star Trek Creator by David Alexander, pg. 210

I haven't come across my source for Spock and Number One being the first two character's Roddenberry conceived, but when I do I will pass that along too.

I realize Spock was not initially intended to be the main character of Star Trek, it just seems like his importance to the series grew to the point where he became the main character.
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