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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Grading & Discussion

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Spoilers ahead...

Looked like the web caught her just before she hit the ground and she broke her neck.
Spolilers continue below:

The above moment mirrors the early 1970s comic extremely closely. The title of said comic was a total giveaway of the outcome, so Marvel kept it for the very end. Like Elektra's death in the ''Daredevil'' comic, the moment was too major to alter by much. For those who read the original, hearing Gwen at graduation, plus her Oxford plans later on, confirmed her toast-status. Spidey in Britain is an offbeat idea, but I had a hunch it was not to be.

When Garfield screamed his head off in a recent trailer, it also pretty much indicated Gwen or Aunt May was doomed. So why wasn't the scream in the film? Editing issues or not, if your traditional plot-and-scene trailer includes critical segments not in the film, I consider it fraud. It's been happening for at least four decades, but fraud's fraud.

And the ending Marvel plug clunkily shoved into the middle of the end credits was not only completedly not Spidey-relevant, but more abrupt and awkward than previous ones....possibly because it wasn't even a Columbia pictures film they were plugging. Chance are most theatres showing TASM2 already played the better, longer trailer for it anyhow two-and-a-half hours before. It was blatantly shoved in. Now back to the real movie.
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