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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Let me be the first to welcome you aboard the USS Horizon. I am Captain K'Tyra Parker, the Commanding Officer of this vessel, And I hope that you decide to embark on a career with us as we look forever toward the next horizon.

It is my intention to guide the Horizon on her journey through the stars. Forever keeping in mind the principles on which the Federation were founded. I hope to explore the unknown with an open mind, deal with the challenges thrown our way with equal parts compassion, Equality, and firmness to see us through tough times and make our missions a success. I sincerely hope that you will join me and the rest of the crew in this endeavor, and add your voice to chorus as we boldly go, always seeking the future just over that next rise...

The USS Horizon is seeking players to fill the senior and/or junior staff positions.

Positions already taken are:

Commanding Officer (Taken by Colonel K'Tyra Parker (me, of course)
Executive Officer/Chief Intelligence Officer (Taken by Commander Katherine Sheridan)
Chief Engineering Officer (Taken by Ensign Steve Frest)
Chief Security/Tactical Officer (Taken by Lt. Commander Kyla Gran)
Chief Operations Officer (Taken by Lieutenant JG. Y'Cari Doral)
Chief Helm Officer (Taken By Lieutenant JG. Carmen Rodriguez)
Chief Medical Officer (Taken By Lieutenant JG. Marcus Tresson)
Chief Science Officer (Taken By Lieuteannt Horatius Scipio)
Marine Commanding Officer (Taken by 1st Lieutenant Randall Rawlings)
Senior Staff Positions Available:

Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief Counselor
Marine Executive Officer
Wing Command Commanding Officer
Wing Command Executive Officer

Junior Staff Positions Available:

Operations Officer
Engineering Officer
Helm Officer
Medical Officer
Science Officer
Intelligence Officer
Security/Tactical Officer
Diplomatic Officer

All other positions available too. Including Chef/Morale Officer.

All new applicants must apply here:

Also, Do not forget to click the 'Horizon Forum' link on the top of th page of the main site and register yourself there after applying.

Thank you, And We hope you will join us!

Captain K'Tyra Parker
Commanding Officer
USS Horizon, NCC 74661
Taskforce 38, Task Group Operations
Bravo Fleet
Captain K'Tyra Parker
Commanding Officer
USS Horizon, NCC 74661
Taskforce 38, Task Group Operations
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