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Well I have to agree with you guys there.. However, in the context of the racism being from that time and turn of the century, would it be safe to say that it could be a commentary on the ideals and types of attitudes prevalent in that setting?? Could it be that Going for realism back then (1970s), was acceptable, whereas nowadays it would be frowned upon or with the sensitivity that is rampant these days, would it have been more prudent to have depicted that racism from the past as they did with the 10TH Doctor and what Martha jones suffered from in the Family of Blood episodes? They did their best to show racism in that episode, without being very blatant about it..which I suppose is what has to happen these days, seeing as how almost everyone is looking to play the victim, or there are just those types of people out there who are ALWAYS looking for a racist comment, and or phrase, or even "code words." I submit, if that is what one is constantly looking for, then they will always find it.

present company excluded of course.
I get what you mean...but no, it wasn't commentary. The BBC/Doctor who people was either unwilling, or somehow too cheap, to hire an asian actor to play the main asian villain. Instead, they dressed up a white guy in obvious yellow face. Most of the story doesn't even talk about racism, from a story perspective it doesn't seem to be a theme. If they had the exact same script but with an actual asian actor, Li H'Sen Chang's role wouldn't be something people would automatically point to and call racist, its the casting of the white guy in yellow face that's racist. Other stuff might be borderline, but with one casting change I think it would generally be considered a story you wouldn't need to put an asterix next to if you were listing it on a "Best of Doctor Who" list.

As for newer Doctor Who, its hard to comment. I HATE Human nature/Family of Blood, its one of my most hated Doctor Who stories, and probably the worst newer Doctor Who story. I couldn't get through a lot of it, but I guess I vaguely remember Martha being treated badly, which I suppose would be more of a commentary (I mostly just remember the story infuriating me from basically the second it started more than specifics like what Martha was doing). But, for The Talons of Weng-Chiang, the racism comes mostly from the casting, which based off the writing I'd say was not the intention of the author, or something planned. They just made a really, really bad decision.
Just curious how do feel about Khan in Space Seed. A White Spanish man playing an Indian in Brown Face? If you're supportive of it, how is that any different (Though yes, there's 10 years between the two)
I totally forgot about Weng Chiang being a white guy made to look Asian.. I suppose that seems to be a norm in some cases, and goes to the actor.. I think that Khan, was a valid point out there.. except I thought Khan Noonian Sing was suppose to be Middle eastern, and not Indian, tho I could be wrong.. However, there was a white man playing a Native American in the recent Lone Ranger flick, and the White kid playing Ang in the live action movie of the last air bender.. I for one don't care what race is used when it comes to fantasy..but if you are trying to be historical, then casting should be correct.. tho I would not raise it to calling it racism, as I believe true racism involves demeaning another race, to harm them, and bone headed casting, with an actor trying to be Asian, I don't feel quite rises to that level..

If we use that standard, then white americans playing eastern Europeans, Russians, Baltics, or even middle eastern men, would also have to be considered racist..because the case could be made their shoddy accent and portrayal is offensive, or mocking..which I just don't truly see..sometimes it comes to cost, and who is available.. especially on a show that is on such a budget back then and time constraints..
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