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Re: Which movie would you use to introduce someone with Star Trek?

It's so hard trying to gauge my boyfriend, a non-Trekkie. After we watched the Abrams films, he asked me (to my surprise) if we could watch a couple of the first 10 movies and asked for my recommendations. Like most others here, I suggested TWOK and FC. He was utterly bored by them, claiming FC was too much like the show, and that TWOK moved too slow.

Then, out of curiosity, I put on TMP and, to my surprise, he paid attention to all that. To all that! The movie ran long and it was getting close to bed time, so I stopped the movie halfway. The next night, he (HE) asked if we could continue the movie. Obviously I was shocked with a tinge of disagreement, but who am I to tell a burgeoning Trekkie what he can and can't like?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all. I'd really like to show him TUC, but I'm worried that he might treat it like TWOK. But
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