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Re: So I have FINALLY started watching Enterprise... love it so far!!

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Nothing on Carbon Creek Trek Survivor?
Yep, pn page 2 of the thread:

"Carbon Creek" - another fun episode. I really liked the Vulcan who chose to stay behind in the past. Would love to know that he ended up doing OK, but I am guessing this one is not followed up on in later episodes.

Still, another fun show from Enterprise!"

Watched another last night, "Cogenitor". I am glad it didn't go the predictable route of having Trip fall in love with the cogenitor (a la Riker from TNG "The Outcast" - to be honest, I was worried we were heading for a tired retread. I shouldn't have, Enterprise is in good hands).

Instead, I thought Trip's involvement was very sweet. The episode itself was great, though I didn't see that end coming... man, what a downer. Still, very powerful and I felt very sorry for Trip. Was good to see Andreas Katsulas pop up, and his scenes with Archer - which could've come across as forced or filler sub-plot - played with genuine camaraderie thanks to the skill of those two actors, and obviously fed into the final scenes.

And I recognised the engineer immediately as the poor old engineer who O'Brien had to watch die from DS9 (and got into a fight with Worf over)! Man, they sure do like bringing back previous actors in all the Treks!!

"Regeneration" next, and... the Borg! Unfortunately, my wife can't stand Borg or Q episodes, but hopefully Enterprise - as usual - will come up trumps and give us an old idea with a distinctly different and interesting spin.
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